PASSING ON, social intervention, 2009

Passing On is a series of stagings I created by placing found objects throughout the city of Reno, using a gallery context. The objects are specifically chosen to have use in the space they are placed in. The work is initiated when someone finds and decides to interact with the objects. How the finder interacts with the object is completely unknown. This creates an open ended narrative that allows us to speculate about the object and finder interaction, as well as the activities that result from it. This speculation of what happens to the object allows us to create our own narratives.

The actions taken by the finder removes the art process out of my control and gives it to the finder. This puts me on the same plane as the viewer because I’m just as unaware to the true outcome of the interaction as everyone else. For me, this is the best part. No one knows how it ends. No one knows the future of the object and what role it will play in the finder’s life. We’re left to wonder what level of significance this interaction has to the finder.